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Processing time

How long does it take to get my order?

For made to order designs please allow 1-2 weeks production time. For ready to ship designs please allow 1-3 days for the design to be shipped. Sometimes ready to ship item will become made to order and vice versa made to order designs might go into ready to ship. It just depends what is made up at the time.

Processing times differ for custom bespoke design. Please read below.

Are shipping times added to the processing time?

Yes, please add the shipping time frame to your orders processing time. This will vary depending on what type of shipping you have selected.

How long does it take for Custom Bespoke design?

For a simple change to an existing design the time frame should stay the same.

For a more detailed change to an excising design please allow extra time to the original processing time. Approx 1-2 weeks

For a complex custom design, you should allow at least 6-10 weeks from first contact to finished design.

With all time frames Michelle will give you an approx. idea on how long it should take to make when you place an order. Time frames can vary depending on the time of year.

It's always good to be organised so you don't feel rushed or disappoint especially if you've run out of time to get what you want.

My Order

When should I place my order?

It's always great to be organized so you're not disappointed or feeling rushed before your big day.

As a guide - for designs in the collection 3-6 months before your wedding is ideal but you can also get it earlier. If you leave it later, you run risk of feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

For custom designs start looking into the process 12 months before the big day. While it won't take that long to create, it's good to get an understanding of what you want and how long it will take.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if you wish to cancel your order, please do so in the first 24hrs to make sure we haven't started making it.

Returns or Exchange

Please choose carefully.
The process of hand making all our designs requires a great deal of time and effort (hours, days, weeks), for this reason no refunds or exchanges are available once the product has been, made, shipped and received.

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Can I change or add to my order?

Changes to an order can be done if its early in the production process of the order.

Yes, you can always add to an order before it's been shipped. If the order has been shipped, then you'll have to do a new order.

Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options, including Credit card, PayPal, AfterPay & Direct deposit (Dd AU only)


Are your designs made by hand??

Yes, all designs including the flowers use in the designs are handmade in the studio by Michelle.

Product Quality?

Quality assurance
Michelle emphasizes her attention to detail and quality of her work, from a classic sophistication to intricate masterpieces. Michelle prides herself on these highest standards.

She takes great care to accurately represent her range online. Each piece is unique and can vary slightly while still upholding its distinct characteristics and value.

In a rare and unlikely event, you receive a faulty
product, Michelle is committed to the Australian Consumer Law and will repair
or replace it with no additional charge.

How do I care for my product?

Headpiece Care - Try not to handle your design too much before your wedding day, to help keep it in pristine condition.

Always take extra care with your handmade items, limit bending and manipulating the wires as they are delicate. Also be careful around fabric to avoid pulls. For long term storage, store in a cool dry place in its original box.

Tulle Veil care - While your veil was in transit it may have creased, don’t worry, its easily fixed. You can use the steam from an iron or a garment steamer. Please don't put the iron directly on the tulle, just hold the iron away from the tulle and squirt some steam at it until the creases drop away. 

Birdcage veil care - If your birdcage has creased in transit don’t worry, it's also easily fixed. On the round end of the ironing board, carefully give it an iron on a silk setting.

Jewellery care - For long term storage, store in a cool dry place in its original box.

Viewing designs

Are your designs online only?

While all designs are online. You can make an appointment to view them in person. Please refer to our appointment information page.

Can I come and see your designs?

Yes, we have a showroom where all our designs are on display. To view them is by appointment only. Please refer to our appointment information page.

Are you designs in stores.

No, at this stage, they are only available online or by appointment.

Where are you located?

Our studio is in Lysterfield South, Melbourne, Australia.