Millinery Designer

Michelle Pagonis

Michelle Pagonis is a multi-award-winning millinery designer with 25 + years of experience creating stunning pieces in her Melbourne studio. Michelle strives to create designs that feature a classic and contemporary style that tell a story of sophistication and grace. Her craftsmanship is exquisite, and her designs bring a romantic touch of femininity to any look. Michelle believes design are endless with a little imagination.

Where it all started

At 19 years old, Michelle's career as a millinery designer began when she was fortunate enough to be taught traditional millinery techniques by a highly regarded hat designer in Melbourne. Over the ensuing years, Michelle worked in close collaboration with the designer until one day the decision was made that Michelle would take the lead role as the company's head designer. Supplying bridal and race headwear to stores all over Australia for over a decade. Michelle launched her own collection in 2005.

ABN – 48 667 181 575