Bespoke Custom Designs

Bespoke custom designs – Please let us know if you’d like one of our designs customised to suit your desired look! With our collection we can make simple changes to extravagant one’s or a whole new design.

Custom Design Questions

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Can I get a custom design made?

Yes! We can create something completely new, or you can change colouring, size and shape of an existing design, or you can blend more than one design to create a brand new one.

What I can't and won't do is copy another designer's work! 

What cost are involved to get a custom-made piece?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the design's specifications, we can only provide an answer after receiving all the necessary information. Our quote will encompass the entire process, starting from the initial communication and design phase, to the final product creation. Please note that custom-made designs typically require more time for production. The price will include all the components needed to create your unique piece, unless you choose to modify the design, which may necessitate additional parts and result in a price adjustment.

How long does it take to get a custom design made.

For a simple change to an existing design the time frame should stay the same.

For a design with more detail please allow 1-2 weeks.

For a complex custom design, you should allow at least 6-10 weeks from first contact to the finished design.

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If you're interested in starting the journey towards a bespoke design, don't hesitate to get in touch with Michelle.